Tuition fees

INRS applies different tuition fees according to whether the student is a Quebec resident, a Canada resident from a province other than Quebec, or an international student. As of the fall 2011 session, the following table shows the tuition and other fees for students applying to INRS in Canadian dollars. Note that the tuition and other fees shown in the table are per session, whereby each session lasts 4 months:

TuitionOther FeesTotal
Master’s Student
Quebec Resident1 083,90 $95 $1 178,90 $
Canada Resident from outside Quebec2 929,05 $95 $3 024,05 $
International7 280,85 $95 $7 375,85 $
PhD Student
Canada Resident1 083,90 $95 $1 178,90 $
International1 083,90 $95 $1 178,90 $
Master’s/PhD Student
Fees applicable starting from the 4th session of a Master’s or the 7th session of a PhD program300 $95 $395 $

Other fees are composed of the following per-term amounts:
  • General fees: 40 $
  • Student service: 50 $
  • Student federation: 5 $
In addition to the aforementioned fees, a 10,00 $ student association fee is applicable to students registered to telecommunications programs.

Note that the tuition fees might change over time, for the latest update please refer to the INRS website under the link Droits de scolarité (only in French):

Exemptions from differential fees (international students)

INRS has established a program whereby international student applicants may be exempted from paying the difference between international and Quebec resident tuition fees.

INRS students wishing to qualify should obtain support from Prof. Martin Maier. In addition, they must satisfy the following conditions:
  • Proof of admission to a Master’s or PhD program
  • Having exhausted any options related to similar exemption programs emerging from agreements between the governments of Quebec and the student’s country of origin1, or alternate financial assistance programs offered by the student’s country of origin
  • Benefiting of no prior scholarship or financial assistance specifically covering tuition fees
  • Registering as a full student (9 credits or more) during the entirety of the study program of admission
  • Completing an Exemptions from Differential Fees application form2 and submitting it to INRS along with the following documents:
    • CV
    • INRS admission documents (including transcripts and proof of prior diploma)
    • Exemptions support form2 and letter of support from Prof. Martin Maier

1 A list of countries having bilateral exemption agreements with Quebec is provided in the INRS Exemption Program Description document (in French only):'exemption.pdf
2 Exemption application and support forms are also provided in the above INRS Exemption Program Description document. 

The exemption application submission deadlines are shown in the table below:

DeadlineEffective exemption starting date
February 1stsummer
June 1stfall
October 1stfall + winter

Note that exemptions are applicable only to the first three or six terms of a Master’s or PhD program, respectively.

For more information on the INRS Exemptions from Differential Fees program, please refer to the above INRS Exemption Program Description document.

Scholarships and Living Expenses

Students admitted to INRS are automatically provided with a scholarship to help them cover tuition fees and living expenses. Please refer to the Scholarships page to read about INRS and other scholarships, and to the Student life page to get an idea about living expenses in Montreal.